Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you heard the BUZZ?

BIG, BIG, BIG news and lots of changes goin' on around here!  All good stuff, though.  Actually great stuff...FABULOUS stuff!

Clue:  the new logo.  What do you think?  Do you love it or
 LOVE it???  I LOVE it!  Not only is it cute, but it reveals the biggest news of all:  the new name of my business!! 

So what do you think about that?  I think it is more fitting as my little girls line of clothing has kind of taken center stage.  I still love my aprons, yep!  I'm still an apron girl, but dressing my little girls in adorable, fun, girly clothing is too irresistible . I love sharing my love of doing that with all of you.  I find it to be such an honor to dress my little ladies!  Do you?  I think soooooOOOOO

Please find me and all my big news (and little tidbits) at my new blog url:

Hop on over know I'll be doing some fun giveaways, Fabulous debuts, making announcements, venting, sharing, connecting, and growing in so many ways.  Won't you please join me?  Let's embrace our girlyhoods together!!